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Saturday, May 27, 2017

a downtown excursion

Good morning.
Yesterday, we went down to the Fremont street area, (old downtown Las Vegas) and had lunch at the Triple George Grill.
We sat in the large outdoor dining area. We had gotten a gift certificate to Open Table as one of our many going away presents. I went online and found this restaurant. It's about 2 block from Fremont Street. I had the Lobster, Avocado BLT and Craig had a Reuben. Both were very tasty, and we have enough on the certificate for maybe 2 more visits.
After lunch, we walk down to Fremont street and over to Binion's Casino.
Way back in Jan for Craig's birthday, we went down to Fremont street and used free play coupons at 5 different casinos. So we had to get a players cards at each one. Well, I got a letter from Binion's saying they were giving me $20 in free slot play added to my card as a welcome present. . I was able to turn that free play into $26.00 cash when we left. Craig ended up losing $10, so we still left ahead.   :-)
And, we've been going every Wed. to a Station Casino for their free senior slot tournament. It costs nothing to play and you have 5 minutes to try and get as many points as possible. If you hit 50,000 points in that 5 minutes, you get a chance at a money prize from $5 to $1000. You have to go back at the end of the day or next day to find out if you win anything. Well, we've never even got close to hitting the minimum threshold and Craig thought it was just a waste of time. But I told him it gives us something to do, doesn't cost anything, and I get my little gambling fix satisfied.
Well, this past Wed. Craig hit 67,000 points! So we went back Thursday morning to see if he won anything and he got $25! Apparently they pay the top 100 point getters and Craig fell right in the middle. He now doesn't think it's a waste of time anymore.   :-)
So a slightly profitable week.    :-)
And one day we walked at the Nature Discovery Park just across the highway from our community and saw these odd looking ducks.

At least I think they are some sort of ducks.
And baby geese in the large pond....
And turtles sunning on rocks.
This park also has a huge playground with all sorts of things for kids to do. And on Sat. the entire side of the park is filled with soccer games.
And with a number of pavilions and a lot of grass, it's also popular for picnicking. It should be packed all weekend!
So happy Memorial Day weekend. Have a safe and enjoyable one, and remember why we're able to enjoy it.

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  1. Some lucky days there, and great photos. I think your ducks are a breed called Muscovy. I haven't seen any here, but we saw a lot of them in North Carolina.
    Have a safe day.