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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

some yard pics.

Good afternoon.

It was a beautiful weekend. Didn't feel like a holiday, as we get no extra days off anymore.   :-)
But we did 'celebrate' the holiday. Had t-bone steaks on the grill. Were delicious!
Just shipped some hair  care products to a customer back in Lansing. He's had a hard time finding it and apparently our previous Salon wasn't selling enough to keep it in stock.
One of our neighbors who goes to the casinos quite a bit gave us a certificate for 3 nights at the Harrahs casino in Laughlin.  Was very nice of her and we'll probably use it late summer.
Just about have our dates finalized for our Michigan trip this summer. Looking forward to seeing people.
And my Mom has been bugging me for pics of the yard. I told her most of my plants are in between blooming, but here they are.....
 Purple spreading Lantana. Not as big as they should be because of that damn giant grasshopper. But they'll do better. Behind is a Baja Fairy Duster. It gets real pretty fluffy flowers, but it's in a resting mode right now.
 The orange flowering bushes are called bells of Fire. They are doing real well as are the tall cactus.
 The Autumn sage is resting right now also with just a few scattered flowers.

And there's Craig on the patio.
But we love our little yard and it's plenty enough work for me.   :-)
That's about all I have for now.....

1 comment:

  1. I imagine after all the years of thinning and pruning and whatnot, this is a pleasure indeed.
    You did a great job arranging it all.