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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Happy June 1st

Good morning.
I don't know if I ever posted these before, but I wanted to show what the front of the house looks like now without those large overgrown Rosemary bushes.
Before and after.....
I think it opens  the front and looks so much better. The previous owner never kept them trimmed small enough and they were to big to take them down far enough and still look good. But the builder put these bushes in all over the community, and they are all very large now. And that's also one of the reasons for the large rabbit population we have. Those large bushes are perfect for them to hide and nest safely. I personally don't like the bushes and wish everyone would tear them out. But I know, that's just a wishful dream.   :-)
You can't see them in the above pic, but where we tore them out we replanted 3 Red Spreading Lantanas.
They are currently covered with chicken wire until they are large enough to withstand the rabbit nibbling. And actually, once they are larger, the rabbits will help keep them a nice size.   :-)
And here's the back yard as seen from inside the house....

The redone patio makes for a nice extension of our living space. We sit out almost everyday. And I have to say I'm still liking the crushed stone for the yard. No mowing or edging or weeding! If i want to walk on grass I'll go to one of the many parks we have here. There's a large park right across the highway from our community, and 2 more within our master community. And even more scattered around the valley.
Yesterday we took a few bags of stuff to the 'Farm'. It's about a mile or so from our house. It's an animal rescue place our neighbor Obbie showed us when we first came out.  She's a big supporter and volunteer. I told her when they went back to Minnesota that I would take things out there. So yesterday I took 2 bags of towels and blankets from one of our neighbors, and a big bag of empty 2 liter pop bottles. The blankets and towel will be used for bedding for baby animals and they will fill the pop bottles with water, freeze them and use them in the animal pens to help keep the baby animals cool on our hot summer days.
Well, that's about it for now...

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  1. It looks good. And gad you are helping out your neighbor. That is a good cause to support.