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Sunday, June 04, 2017

our house

Good morning.
I thought I'd post some current pics of the house. Not sure if I did this after we got all settled in or not. These first few pics are of course the living room....

I like having the TV mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the cabinet. And no wires showing.   :-)
And that's our cameras showing on the TV screen.
Of course the kitchen looks pretty much the same. I have enough cabinets that I can store everything away when I'm done with them, so no toaster or coffee pots on the counters. Just my toaster oven.
Easier to keep the counters clean, and I like the minimalist look.   :-)
Went back downtown again yesterday and had lunch at the Triple George Grill again. This time just a light lunch of wings and a chicken flatbread. Used our gift certificate and we still have another $35 left. So we'll be going back.  :-)
 We've also been busy with finalizing our plans for our next 2 trips. First one is approximately a  7 hr drive up to the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area for 5 days, and the second will be our nearly 3 week road trip to Michigan and back with stops in Muskegon, Lansing, Toledo and St Louis among other places.
 That's it for now....


  1. Quite the magazine showplace. :)
    Hope you have safe trips when you go.

  2. Well, you guys just up and moved didn't you!:0)