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Friday, May 19, 2017

post 2016

Good afternoon.
Yep, I've actually done over 2000 posts. But of course, I started  back in 2006.   :-)
Can you believe I'm still doing this after 10 years?
Well, the days go by quickly!
Here's a pic of some type of Yucca Tree, I believe, in full bloom we saw on one of our walks....
It's very large and quite impressive! And here's a before and after pic of Craig's hand before he had his stitches removed today.....

They put these tine bandages on and cover them with what the nurse called super glue to protect the tiny holes left by the stitches. You can see his finger is still a little swollen. That will last a few more weeks according to the doctor. The next thing will now be all the 'dead' skin that will start to flake off. It wasn't pleasant for Craig having all those stitches cut and pulled out. I originally thought there must have been near 30, but there were actually only 17. I'm sure Craig thought it felt like 100 when they were taking them out. But they're now gone, and Craig can start the next process of healing.
I had my first appointment with my new doctor yesterday. He seems very nice and laid back. Looks just like Ichabod Crane. If you remember who that was.   :-)
But he switched my blood pressure meds. I think that was the problem with my  being lightheaded.  We'll see.
I've talked to a few people from Lansing this week. Everyone was anxious to share the news. A building in the apartment complex we lived in or the last year completely burned up. All 12 units destroyed. I already knew that since I subscribe to the online version of the local newspaper. But it was nice to talk to them and catch up.
So, that's it for now!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going better.
    That is terrible about the apartment complex. I hope no one was hurt.