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Monday, May 22, 2017

yellow everwhere.

Good morning.
We've had beautiful weather, with highs in the 80's, but now a heat wave is coming. We reached 95 yesterday, and the forecast for today and tomorrow is 100. But we sat on our patio yesterday afternoon, and in the shade with a light breeze, it was very comfortable. Of course, the humidity level was 1%.  I keep trying to tell people that even 90's to 100 is not bad without the humidity. I'd compare it to 75 and humid. Anyway, it's true once the temps get past 100, it is just plain hot. But unlike Michigan winters where it's just bitter cold all the time, our summers are very nice in the morning and late evening. So you do what you want outside  early, and stay inside in the afternoon.
Anyway, here's a pic I took on our walk yesterday....
I don't know the name of the tree or bush, but the tree has green bark and get covered with yellow flowers. They are all over the valley. They are very pretty with the green branches and yellow flowers, but I'm glad we don't have one in our yard, as when the flowers fall, the ground is solid yellow. It's hard to see the bush in front, but I believe it's a type of Butterfly Bush. It gets long conical blueish flowers. There are a lot of them around too! My yard is in a lull between blooming but when it starts up again, I'll post some pics.
During our cooler spell, Craig made a meatloaf, and have enough leftovers for 2 extra meals. We had one last night, and we'll have the other tomorrow. Today is leftover pork cutlets I cooked 2 days ago on the grill.
And our camera system is working out good. Craig was in the living room reading and had the cameras on the TV screen when something caught his eye. A dog came up the the front door and then wandered off. I pulled up the recording to see it came from the north and went back that way, with no owner in sight. Our HOA states that all pets must be on a leash. So this dog must have gotten loose. We opened the front door and a few minutes later, it came back. I cautiously opened the screen trying to feel the dog if there was any aggression. It was very friendly and came to the door waging it tail, and then promptly laid on it's side. There was a tag on the collar so I was able to call the owner who ended up living about 4 blocks away. Craig brought out a bowl of water for the dog while I waited for the owner to pick her/him up.
So not much else going on. Time to get Craig up for his PT appointment.

1 comment:

  1. That's the way it was in Alaska. At least where we were stationed in Alaska. In the winter, the humidity was usually 0 so minus 60 wasn't all that bad.
    A whole other story if you were down in Anchorage by the sound.
    Glad you were able to get the dog back to its owner.