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Thursday, May 11, 2017

yummy food.

Good morning.
Apparently the raving I did about a chicken enchilada dish that one of my neighbors brought to a patio party made an impression, because Tuesday she brought another dish of them to us.
So, we had to change our dinner plans for the evening, but it was well worth it!
They were delicious!
I don't know how see makes them, but they are very tasty! We do have some very nice neighbors. She keeps saying it's for taking care of their house while they were in Europe, But all I did was get their mail for 10 days. And they already gave us a gift certificate to Kohl's and she paid for lunch at the golf club. But I'm never one to turn down home cooking!  :-)
I also got another roll of chicken wire. I put chicken wire domes over the red spreading Lantana in the front yard because bunnies were eating them. They were just planted last year and aren't large enough to withstand the nibbling yet. Well, something is eating the purple spreading Lantanas in the back yard. It can't be rabbits since my backyard has a wall around it and I put chicken wire over the bottom of the gate. One neighbor thinks it's flying rabbits. Another neighbor thinks it might be the Quail. Since I've never seen any flying rabbits out here, I'll go with the Quail. I tented them until they are large enough. See, even out here in the desert, I still need to deal with critters.
That's all for now!

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  1. Just different critters.
    That enchilada dish does look pretty good. Glad you enjoyed it!