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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm a winner!

 Good afternoon.
 As I write this it's a balmy 114 outside.
I did walk this morning at a very comfortable 82 and 3% humidity. As I've said many times, low humidity makes all the difference.
Wed. we did our weekly senior free slot tournament. We go to a Station Casino, this time it was Fiesta over on Rancho Dr. The base limit was 60,000 and I made it to 73, 348! So they added me to the sheet, and I had top go back after 8pm or today to see if I qualified for a payout. Since I didn't get much past 60,000 I didn't think I might get anything. They take the top 100 scores that day and award prizes from $1000 down to $10. We went in this morning after Craig's PT to check and I won $25! Cool! And the best part....It doesn't cost anything to play! Craig won here a few weeks ago. So maybe the Fiesta is our new Station Casino favorite! So, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the 3100 grill. That's our golf course diner. We thought with the heat, the golf course would be dead and so would the diner. We were right. We were the only people there and got very good service from the waitress  whom we've seen before.  Had our usual Avocado BLT with onion rings and the chicken fingers with fries. We split the sandwich, got a to go box for the chicken and devoured the onion rings and fries. They have really good onion rings and fries!!!!   We'll have the chicken for dinner. We use to be able to each eat a sandwich. But a whole sandwich makes us stuffed! It's odd that we can't eat like we use to. I'm assuming age has something to do with it.
We have been working out at the fitness center every day this week but today. We'll go back tomorrow.
I had to increase the watering time for my drip irrigation as the extreme heat was causing some plants to wilt badly. They have looked good since then.
And I think that's it for now....

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  1. Hubby and I have found we prefer to share a meal, too.
    Congratulations on wining!