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Monday, June 19, 2017

it's a bit hot out.

Good afternoon.
I'm sitting comfortably inside while the outside temp reached 113 today. A bit too warm to stay outside for too long. I did get in my morning walk in when it was a very comfortable 85.  Later, after Craig's PT appointment, we went to the community center and  worked out in the fitness area for about a half hour. We both did the elliptical. Their machines are nice as they have a programmable screen. You can punch in different courses and even watch yourself going on these trails. Pretty cool. Or you can watch TV.
Our road trip is now finalized and we'll be on the road for 19 days total. That's a lot sleeping in hotel rooms, but Craig likes his road trips. and it's actually only 12 different hotels once you account for the several night stays in some of them.
And while waiting for Craig's PT session one day this week, I took a walk around the parking lot and spotted this vanity plate.....
It would be interesting to see the person who actually has this car. I also saw betaboo, and ncekity.
Well, a short post today as we haven't done much. But retirement is good.   :-)

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