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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Virginia City

Good morning.
Day 2 took us about 30 miles southeast to the historic town of Virginia City. Was a beautiful drive through winding mountains.
This is exactly why I take pics and not Craig....
I hadn't even turned around yet!
But here's a few pics we took of Virginia City.

It looked like a town frozen in time. Most buildings were built in the late 1800's. The entire town is a historic designation, so it should pretty much stay just like this. Have never seen so many old buildings together in one place. And it's all built on the side of the mountain. There were steep roads to go up or down.
Here's one of the remaining school houses. A bartender gave us a little history lesson while having a drink. There were originally 4 school buildings like this back when Virginia city had a booming population of 25,000. But as the silver mines petered out, so did the population. It now stands around 855 with, I imagine, tourism the main income producer now.
From Virginia City we drove on through Carson City, Nevada's Capital, and then back up to Reno.
Tomorrow, I'll try to get Lake Tahoe posted.

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