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Monday, June 12, 2017

Lake Tahoe and Donner's Pass.

Good morning.
Our last 2 days, we went to Lake Tahoe and the town of Truckee and Donner's Pass.
We came into lake Tahoe from the north, arriving first at Incline Village. But on the way, as we winded through the mountains, we saw a lot of snow....

The lake is completely surrounded by mountains, and they still had a bit of snow on them. That's why the high river levels in Reno. The Truckee river flows from Lake Tahoe through Reno and ends up in Pyramid Lake.
So all the snow on the mountains that surround Lake Tahoe melts, runs into Lake Tahoe, and goes out the Truckee river, through Reno. And you saw in my previous post how much water was flowing through the river. Then it goes to Pyramid Lake. None of the water ends up in any ocean. That in itself was very interesting.
It was really pretty seeing all the snow covered mountains around this huge lake.
We did find us a nice lakeside restaurant for lunch.

We ended up driving around Lake Tahoe from Incline village down to South Lake Tahoe and up the other side to Tahoe City. Did i say it's a big lake!
The next day, we came back near Lake Tahoe to Truckee City. a smaller version of Virginia City, but more touristy. It is on highway 80, so it gets a lot of tourists. And they make the most money they can from them. You have to pay to park on the streets! That's just greedy! And so we didn't bother to even stop.
Just outside of Truckee is the Donner Pass Memorial.
The statue is as high as the snow was that fateful winter when half the Donner party perished from starvation or exposure. That was a lot of snow!
So, it was a very interesting and informative and fun trip. Nice sights, good food, and safe travels.

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