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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Day 1-7 of our road trip.

Good afternoon.
Well, our 19 day road trip started on Thursday, July 13th. We left Las Vegas in the morning, driving about 8 hours to Grand Junction CO where we spent the first night. We planned the trip so we would only drive about 8 hrs each day. Didn't want to stress ourselves should weather or construction hinder us.  But we had no problems with either for the first 10 days.   :-)
Day 2 took us to  North Platte NE.
Since we were spending so much time in so many hotels we decided to cut costs and stay at Super 8'S. That ended up being hit or miss.   :-)
Grand Junction was just old and icky. But the bed was clean and bed bug free. And we were only spending the night.  North Platte was a bit better. Then day 3 took us to  Coralville Iowa just outside of Iowa City. There, there was a chair that was pretty smelly. Craig sat on the bed.  :-)
From there on day 4 it was Toledo Ohio where we had the nicest Super 8 of the trip! That was good since we spent 2 nights here.  The next morning (day 5) we drove over to Maumee Bay State Park where we had been several times with our motor home. A nice state park on Lake Erie just a few miles outside of Toledo. We then headed back to downtown Toledo to go to the Libby Outlet Store, where we found some nice cocktail glasses. Then a few blocks down the street to get our Tony Packo's fix, They have very yummy Hungarian Chili Dogs!.
We ate here every time we took the motor home to Maumee Bay State Park.
Then on day 6, we drove into Michigan, past Lansing over to Muskegon where we stayed at a very nice Holiday Inn downtown. We spent the extra money because it was close to my mom and I get good points.  :-)
Here's a view from our room...

That's Muskegon Lake in the distance. We spent 2 nights here visiting my Mom a bit on Tuesday day 6, and all day on Wed. day 7.  Cut here hair that hadn't been cut since I left, and took her out to lunch at Red Lobster and then to the VFW for drinks and pull tabs. After we dropped her off back at her apartment, we headed over to Lake Michigan, where we had a drink at a beach bar/restaurant.
Weather was beautiful! We've had good weather for every day of the trip so far.   :-)
On the way back to the car I spotted this guy....
He had a lounge chair on top of his SUV and a cooler enjoying the weather. Apparently he doesn't like beach sand.   :-)
It was good seeing my Mom after nearly a year. From here we headed back to Lansing.
I'll do another post hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. Glad you had good weather and a safe trip!