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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Day 8 - 13

Good morning.
Day 8 took us over to Lansing where we spent 4 nights at the Crown Plaza. A very nice hotel on the west side of town close to where we worked and lived. I used points to get very discounted rates.   :-)
It was a busy 4 days. Nearly every day lunch and dinner or drinks with people. It was nice seeing everyone. Thursday lunch with friends and former customers at Bravo's, then drinks and dinner with a friend at Reno's East. Friday, day 9, we had lunch at Panera's with a former customer. We stopped in at the Salon after that to see a customer and stylist, and had drinks at Oade's. And later, we met most of out previous staff at Reno's for dinner, drinks and conversation. 
Saturday, day 10, we stopped at a friends house and had lunch at the riverfront restaurant downtown.
Then it was back to Reno's West.
Sunday morning, day 11, we went out and it was only 64 out. brrr!   :-)
Had breakfast/lunch with my brother Bruce, his wife Tammy and son Ben at Dimitri's.  Food was just okay. The potatoes had so much pepper neither Bruce nor I could eat them.  :-/
But it was great seeing everyone. And Monday, day 12 we headed back to Muskegon one more time to spend the afternoon with my Mom. Took her to lunch at Pizza Hut and then to the Eagle's for pull tabs and drinks. Dropped her off and headed back to the beach one more time.
Tuesday, day 13 had us leaving Michigan and going into Chicago for the day. Traffic was very thick with stop and go all the way in to town. But we made it to Navy Pier and enjoyed the skyline, food and drinks.

From there, we headed out of Chicago, again in heavy traffic and landed in Dwight Ill for the night.
Day 14 - 19 to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Nice weather! I expect it did feel cold, what with humidity and your year in Las Vegas.

    We have noticed a lot of restaurants making food spicy just to do so. It has gotten to where we either ask or tell them no spice.

    Still a safe trip. Glad for you.