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Monday, June 18, 2018

more projects

Good evening.
I've been a bit busy the last few days.
First off, I walk every morning. Usually around 40-45 minutes. That is approximately one 'loop' around our community of 2000+ homes. And lately, Craig and I have been going to the fitness center many afternoons. We used to walk after he got up, but by the time he's been getting up, it's getting a bit too hot to walk.
Here's a pic of some plantings near our community center.
And I found myself a little project.
This is what a nice sparkling clean washer is suppose to look like inside.
But, emptying the dishwasher one morning, I noticed some black like sludge around the water drain cover. So I got out my tools, took off the cover, and discovered this......

This is the underside of that cover. Ewww!
And this is what was under the cover.......double Ewww!
So, I scrubbed everything real good and ran an empty load with just white vinegar to clean and sanitize the washer. I'll make sure I check this every couple of months from now on....
Then this morning, after my walk, I went out front and trimmed a few bushes and noticed the dead leaves were starting to look kind of thick in the stones. So I got out the blower and blew out the front yard.
I was surprised how many leaves I ended up with. Since the stones are similar in color, they really didn't look that bad, but wow! That was a lot of leaves! I find I need to do this about 2-3 times a year. Next week, I'll do the back yard which shouldn't be as bad as there is only 1 tree, and the yard is walled so not much can 'blow' in. So even with 'desert' landscaping, there still is yard work.   :-)
So, that's it for now....

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