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Sunday, July 15, 2018

I love any kind of pizza!

Good morning.
It's been partly sunny to partly cloudy the last few days. We've begun our monsoon season and that brings widely scattered showers and increased humidity. We've been running around 30-60% humidity and you sure can tell the difference from our normal 1-5%.
Here's a pretty pic I took a couple of days ago on my early morning walk.
We get some real pretty sunrises our here!
And here's a stock pic of a Mexican Pizza.
In an e-mail to my Mom, I told here what we were having for dinner, and she wanted to know what it was. So I described it and thought I'd also show her a pic of what it looks like. It's really tasty!
Currently just picking up 2 neighbors mail, but keeping an eye on 4 homes. Picked up a flyer from one door and a paper from another. Earlier this week, I picked up quite a bit of trash along the backyards of 2 homes that abut the golf course. Must have blown across the fairway during a windy day earlier this week.
Our Smith's, (or Kroger's depending on where you live) is changing some of their stores. When you go in, you can pick up a scanner and start by scanning your card. You scan everything as you put them in your cart. When your ready to check out, you scan the bar at the self serve register, the total of your purchase comes up, and you pay. Easy peasy! They are supposedly going to randomly re scan peoples carts to make sure you scanned everything to start with. I see this system ripe for abuse, but they must think it's worth it. I do like the time it saves me checking out. And the scanner gives you a running total so you know how much your spending.
And other than that, not much else going on.

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