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Monday, September 17, 2007

Live from Saugatuck!

Yes, we're back at Campit! Near beautiful Saugatuck! It's been one of the coldest weekends of the season. The high on Saturday was only 60. And with a cold north wind. Even too windy to enjoy a campfire. Fortunately, we have a furnace in the motor home, as it got down to 39 Degrees. We felt for the tenters. But due to the weather, the campground wasn't very busy. But we made the best of it.
This is site 82. A spacious corner lot in what they call, the east village. This section has full hook-up. We like that so we can take as long of a shower as we want. We also have a dishwasher, that's right, I said a dishwasher. This motor home has all the comforts of a house. That's the way we "camp" now. And it seems there are more RV's at campgrounds then tents these days.

Today we pack up and head home. We have just 2 more planned weekends untill we have to store it for the long winter. Here's a couple pics of beautiful Lake Michigan


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    I wish I could talk Ken into a Mo-ho, but it's not likely to happen. Doubt we could afford one until we're ready to sell the house, lol.
    But we have been looking at trailers. Some nice ones out there.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend.



  2. There is something extra specail about camping in the fall.

  3. Joseph8:44 AM

    I'm glad you guys had the chance to get away. Your motor home is definitely the way to go! You guys work hard and deserve a little luxury as you camp. Enjoy yourselves!

  4. unless you came down to florida in it this winter???

    smiles, bee

  5. Handsome tenters could have simply been invited in to enjoy the warmth of the furnace.

  6. I dont know if my original comment worked so here we go again...Damn blogger! Now I cant remember what I said...Geeez
    OK something like: Glad you guys made the most of it, even if the weather wasn't the best...Camping is awesome here in winter, not too cold & I love being a tenter...Besides having the comfort of a campervan you have no restrictions - really?
    hugs xox

  7. Aww man! My friends and I were going to go camping again in the fall and we backed out because we were all too busy. Now I wish we'd have gone. I already miss summer. :-(