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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

an update

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, been very busy at work and home. This time of year makes for so many chores to do. But let's recap the weekend!

Michigan State is now 2-0.
The University of Michigan, 0-2.
Michigan State started the season un-ranked,
with a new coach,
and a so-so team.
U of M started with a #5 national ranking.

Now, I never went to either University,
but living in Lansing instead of Ann Arbor,
makes me a hometown fan.
So I always root for the Spartans!
And it's fun seeing our in state rival having a poor start! Especially since they all usually the better football team.

Also this weekend, I cleaned the mo-ho, restocked and we're ready for our next trip!
Did more yard work, trimmed bushes, weeded, mowed, cleaned out the shed, you know, all the stuff home owners need to do.
And to complete this post, some pics of some of my ornamental grasses.

One of my faves, Japanese Blood Grass. Starts out green and turns fire red by autumn.

Variegated Silver Grass. About 6 ft tall. Will flower later this fall.
Little Bunny Fountain Grass. Just starting to flower.

And a giant! This grass gets 12 feet tall! Looks great in the middle of a shrub planting.
Well that's all for now.
Another busy week at work ahead!


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Thanks for letting us know what's going on. :)
    And thanks for the pictures. Lovely, as always.



  2. I never know who to cheer on...I have a brother who went to U of M and another who went to Michigan State. I just cheer for the whole state now!

  3. Nice grass.
    Now, with the Michigan deal, isn't there some mention of Oregon in there someplace?

  4. You should start your own 'garden variety show' 'Queer Bush' with Wayne...Ok perhaps we will skip the name...*winks*
    But you do have a green thumb & by the looks a real knack for design...Love the grass, who thought it couls look so nice...I am used to seeing long grass as nothing but a weed...You cahnged my mind I think! xoxo

  5. I love the Japanese Blood Grass!
    It's gorgeous!