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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

computer maintenance 2

To continue with my last post on Computer maintenance, Here are 4 highly recommended programs to keep your computer safe and bug free. And did I mention, they are all FREE! And as most of my readers know, I like FREE!

So any way......

#1 is Zone Alarm.
A firewall, your first line of defense against the Internet.
You can download it here, from PC World,
(a great little computer magazine for us common folk pc users)
and it's FREE!

#2 is Avast.
Why pay for expensive anti-virus software,
when you can get a great one for FREE!
Download it here, also from PC World.

#3 and #4 is Spybot Search and destroy,
and Adware.
These programs will search and remove those annoying spyware and adware that sneaks a ride into your computer when you click on certain Internet ads or links.
Not really harmful, but tracks your Internet surfing,
and slows down your puter. Get them here, and here.
And of course, they're FREE!
I've been using free protection for 3 years now,
and I'm bug free!
Just make sure you run the programs regularly.
And that means more than once a year!
( The previous entry WAS NOT a paid advertisement, but reflects the personal opinion of the blog owner, who loves to help others get free or nearly free stuff!)


  1. i'm still going to do that defrag thingy, i really am, just not today either...

    smiles, bee

  2. If I may I would put in a plug for another *FREE* firewall: Comodo (download it here:

    I had used Zone Alarm for many years and then started to have issues with it not wanting to play nicely with some other programs and (with the free version) not having the ability to configure it as needed to play nicely with my home wireless network. Comodo allows me to have better control, plays well with others, and is free.

    As for anti-virus: I love Avast! No need for Norton or McAfee - which are expensive and (in some ways) insidious. I found them both to be as much of the pollution as they were the solution.

    Kudos, btw, Wayne, for these tips. They are good ones and I think that a lot of readers can benefit from them.

  3. A long time ago, I used Zone Alarm Pro - until I realized what a resource hog it is. If you're using it - or the free version - try shutting it down, and it's possible you'll notice a huge difference in how much faster your machine runs. It did for me. I'm just using the Windows firewall now and am quite happy with it. I do use Spybot and AdAware though.