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Monday, February 18, 2008

more memory

Well, as usual, not a lot going on here in c-o-l-d Michigan.
We've had nearly 60 inches of snow so far this winter. W-a-y more than I care to see. Our normal snow fall for the entire winter is 34 inches. So it looks like we'll double that.

I also upgraded the memory in my laptop.
I bought it last spring. It has the
Vista operating system. When I bought it,
I went with a gig of memory,
instead of the basic 512mb of memory
that comes with the bare bones model.
I'm sure glad I did!
I don't know how any one could use Vista
with only 512mb of memory!
Vist is such a memory hog!
But anyway, I went to Best Buy to help a co-worker pick out a new desk top computer, and the salesman recomended at least 2 gigs of memory. And I told him I wished they would have said that when I bought my Laptop. He said I could add more memory, and I said I had thought about it. But the 1 gig memory sticks were about $100 each. He showed me that they were on sale! Instead of $100 each, they were $32 each! So I picked them up!
And too easy to install! And such an improvement in performance!
So I thought I'd sell the 2, 512mb memory sticks on E-bay. What a joke! For what they're selling them, I might as well give them away! Can any of my readers use them?
Also I'm taking my ring in to be fixed. One of the prongs is missing. and the stone wiggles. I'm lucky I didn't lose it!
Also tomorrow is my yearly physical. I'll get the results of my blood tests.
Let you know how I did.


  1. As you certainly now know, more memory is the best gift you can give a pc, the most bang for the buck so to speak. ;)

    I am not running Vista, but I had read that the recommended (as opposed to minimum) was at least 2 GB.

    Yes, get your ring checked. My wife lost her diamond because she did not care for the tines and get them checked.

    Good luck on the physical. Best wishes that all comes through in excellent shape!

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Good luck with the physical. There might be a school or church nearby that could use the memory.


  3. can i plug one of them in my ear? do you think it will help? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. davidz5:59 PM

    good luck with the physical...hope you pass your blood test...i'd gladly upgrade my memory for $32!

  5. Aren't you a clever friend to cherish. I could use some help from time to time and I hate asking these techies at work.
    Good luck on your physical tomorrow!

  6.'d it go???