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Monday, April 28, 2008

As Spring continues

Another nice day in the yard.
Temps near 60.
Took out the rest of the 3rd perennial bed,
leveled and seeded it.
Grass is starting in the first one.
Will show before and after pics,
once the grass fills in.
I think it will look good.
And be less weeding for me!
And of course a few pics.
The first is a Flowering Peach.
Second is a Rose Tree of China.
One of my favorites!
Click on the 3rd pic!
They look like little pink carnations!

And as with all flowering shrubs,
they will last a week or two at the most.
But that is what's so cool about gardening,
always something else to see!

And so far,
I have 200 plants potted
up for my plant sale.
Right now, they are in
several parts of the yard.
I'll group them all together,
when I get a little more time.

My goal is to have about 250.
Last year I had 230.
I hope I have enough pots!
We have a cold front going thru today,
bringing rain, snow, (yuk!)
and colder temps, so I'll probably
be indoors working on the
name tags for the plant sale
and printing pics of the flowers,
since most of them won't be in
bloom for the sale,
and people want to see
what they're buying.
The sale is a lot of work,
but it's gas money for the mo-ho,
and they need thinning anyway!


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Looks like a really good collection. :)



  2. I think it"s brilliant that you can make up all those pots. I'm not that good of a gardener and should be considering my name. I have a hard enough time with weeding. Good Luck with the sale!

  3. You have done a brilliant job of reminding us why we don't enjoy yardwork any longer....check out my post today. In spite of the fact that your yard is so pretty.

  4. Spring? Here in the south (-ern part of Michigan), we got some more freakin' snow!

  5. I have these plants that were here when we moved in and so far, they still look pretty dead...I may have to post a picture for you to help me identify whether I need to trash them or what...

    I LOVE the tree with the mini carnations! Carnations are my favorite flower! Looks like things for your sale are shaping up are truly amazing. It's something what the incentive of more road trips can inspire us to do. hehe

  6. Love, love, love the spring and all of the blooming things! It's just so damn exciting to know the warm weather is near!!

  7. But just remember, all your hard work is going to make everywhere else pretty, providing those that buy them, have the same nurturing that you do. xox