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Monday, April 07, 2008

It's Spring at last!

Yes! Finally! Spring has arrived!

We are finally reaching "normal"
temps for this time of year,
after a colder than normal March.
Here's a pic of the first flower in my yard.
It's a Dwarf Dutch Iris. Only 6 inches tall.
And the Pussy Willows are finally blooming.
They should have bloomed in Mid March.

So I took advantage of the weather,
and un-winterized the water system

of the motor home.

Had to drain out all the antifreeze,
Flush out all the lines,
and sanitize the fresh water tank.
Also finished stocking the mo-ho for our first trip.
And finally, cleaned and sealed the roof of the mo-ho.

If you click on the pics,
you'll see that there is a seam
that runs around the edge of the roof.
The roof itself is a rubber compound.
The reason the roof is rubber, is for a quieter ride and quieter for "living" in. Anyone whose been in a building with a metal roof when it rains, will understand.
Today I'd like to wash the outside of the mo-ho, and do some yard work. I still have a lot of perennials to cut back before new growth starts. But it's suppose to rain today, so I'll wait and see. But I'll take rain over that other 4 letter word!


  1. Spring feels good!

  2. Ben got to play outside yesterday afternoon WITHOUT a coat! WOOHOO!!!!
    Today is being spent cleaning the INSIDE of the house...and I'm hoping to drag Bruce into the mix without the screaming and kicking. hehe Nah, he's so good about helping me out.
    Hey, do they make covers for the top of the MoHo for winter? It seems like the top would be easier to clean come Spring if they did.

  3. Just say NO to that other 4-letter word!
    Beautiful sunny day here! I helped my friend Bessie with some yard work yesterday, and she had some huge crocuses blooming.
    Love your iris! That must've made your heart sing!

  4. you work SO HARD wayne! do you ever rest honey? ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Glad tosee spring has finally arrived for you guys. It has been a strange spring here. Much cooler the past two weeks and the snow line on the mountains is waaay too low for this time of the year. Where is the warm weather and shorts????

  6. You have sprung into action. Hope you have a safe trip to MO.

  7. What 4 letter word!
    There are so many!
    We had a big storm here yesterday, nothing like those that hit over there but it brought some nice garden saoking rain with it.