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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here it comes again!

Okay, I know I'm looking like a broken record here, but this is the coldest, snowiest November I can remember! And you can see from the forecast, it ain't gonna get no better! We are currently under a winter storm warning. They say we'll get 3 inches today, 4 tonight and another 1 tomorrow. Looks like I'll be getting the snow blower out for the first time this year. YUCK!
So today I'll stay inside, (I've already cleaned the Salon this morning) and clean house. It does need it. Craig will do his usual bookwork, and make a Swiss Steak dinner with mashed potatoes and marinated Asparagus.
And go ahead Ken, Mark, John, Phillip, Patti, Randy, Sis, and any other warm weather readers, go ahead and gloat over our weather misfortunes. I can take it!


  1. There is absolutely not one strand of envy in my heart about your snowfall. None. I love my mild winters, rain-laden though they are.

  2. Well, for what it is worth, My Marc still lives in Montreal QC. and commutes here every other week. His weather is similar to yours. So if I tease you about your weather, rest assurd, he gets it from me a lot worse than you do.

  3. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Supposed to get close to freezing here in Louisiana tonight. :)

    Just be careful up there in Michigan.

  4. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Craig!
    Yup, it snowed here most of the day - and and we're supposed to end up with about 8" by the time it's done!


  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!
    We have had COLD weather here, too! Currently it is only 58!! So, you see, the weather is all relative!!
    Take care,keep warm!!

  6. Snow would be a blessing to us! We love it when we get it down here. I think there is a possibility northern Alabama could be getting some, or so I have heard today.