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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yep! It's Tuesday

Yep! It's Tuesday, and a snowy one at that! We ended up with only about 4 inches of snow instead of the 8-9 they forecast. Which is fine with me. We shouldn't have any snow this early in the season. And of course, I know you want to see some pics of it!

These are in the back yard. It was a wet snow, so it clings to everything. It is pretty to look at, except I'll be doing that for 6 months! Oh well.
This next pic is the mo-ho tucked into it's parking space next to the garage.

I had people asking where we stored it. Since we don't live in a neighborhood, we don't have the zoning restrictions, like a lot of places do.
I did get the snow blower out and did the driveway, and as I finished and turned it off, the lever snapped off. So I'll have to haul it in somewhere to get it fixed. It's always something!
Other than cleaning the driveway and taking these pics, yesterday was a lazy day. Did nothing else except play on the puter. Today may be more of the same. It's hard for me to get motivated with this weather.
Oh, and Craig made Pork and Sauerkraut for dinner with Potatoes and Carrots.
That's all for now!


  1. Well, if you guys are getting snow early maybe we will get a good snow this year. North Alabama got some yesterday. In the central part of the state it was all sunshine.-Randy

  2. Pork and Sauerkraut - yum! (me likey!) - perfect for a snowy day too! Do you make dumplings with it?

  3. It snowed here yesterday briefly but it was too warm to stick to the ground. It is unusual for us to get snow this early. It is normally Jan. or Feb. before we get any. Is a snow blower similar to a leaf blower, just more powerful?

  4. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Wayne, I know snow can be a lot of trouble but the pictures are beautiful!

    I'm sure 6 months of snow will get old right quick but I sure like it when get snow in TN as it doesn't happen very often. I'll never forget the 14 inches we got in 1968! (I'm talking about snow!).

    We have never repeated that and have only had 8 or so inches every now and then. We are due for another big one (snow that is!) LOL!


    PS. I should not write when I've had a cocktail!

  5. davidz8:21 PM

    Please, no more pictures! I see enough of it as it is! lol...I hate snow!

  6. De-lurking to say hi. Here in central France the temps are hovering just above freezing, so all our precip is just cold rain.

    A little snow would be a welcome change, but I'm going to be careful about what I wish for.

    Enjoying the blog.