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Sunday, November 09, 2008

week in review

Here it is, Sunday morning.and it's currently 36 degrees out. But we had a great week weather wise. Most of the week was in the low 70's instead of the normal 50's. So after work on Friday, I got out and got up the rest of the leaves. The trees have pretty much given them all up. So the yard is just about ready for our long winter. This weekend looks to be colder than normal, with the high only around 38 for the next couple of days. yuck! So after I clean the Salon this morning, we'll be spending the rest of the day indoors.
It was an interesting week at work. Many discussions about the election. I'm always careful about my opinions because I have a very diversified clientele. But Obama appears to excite a lot of people, and for good reasons as far as I'm concerned. But there's always a few fringe customers, such as one who came in and said, "well, he's in!" And I said "who's in". And she said, "the colored guy". She actually said she hated the guy! I said "how can you hate someone you don't even know"? She said "I can't stand him, I can't stand his name!" 'sigh' We've come so far in electing a black man as president, but we still have so much father to go as evident of Prop 8 in California. But if we can elect a man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama, then I believe everything is possible!


  1. As with most of life, we're not yet there, but we are on our way.

  2. davidz7:33 AM

    a friend of mine is currently teaching in Arizone...he wrote to me yesterday that many of the teachers at his school wore black on Wednesday to show they were in "mourning"...this was pointed out on the morning announcements, just in case anybody had missed the point...he teaches in an elementary school...many of the students expressed outrage (obviously echoing what they heard at home) over the election of said it made him feel like "throwing babies against a brick wall"...many are frightened that Obama will take guns away from all the white people...he has never come up against this sort of irrational prejudice before and wants to come back to "normal" people in Michigan!

    I am with you, Wayne...if Obama can be elected president, anything is possible.

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Interesting blog...Tedd and Steve, hairdressers here, and staying in the park I am in(and got married 3 months ago after a 30 year relationship) are livid about Prop 8. They too said they have a few clients that openly expressed how glad they were about prop 8. Tedd said he told those clients they are NO longer welcome there, and refused to accept them as clients again. I guess, there are sometimes when, maintaining an belief, IS more important than money.
    Ken of San Diego

  4. Well, change frightens a lot of people... I've always found after you get use to difference things usually work out for the best.-Randy

  5. "I can't stand his name?".....
    Oh my. Now that's a well thought out, deep discovery of why to hate someone. Talk about shallow and without merit. That's the type of person I can't simply stand to be around. I mean,if you have something valuable, intelligent, well-thought-out to say, go for it. Otherwise, no thanks.....

  6. Ahhh I think it is just wonderful to see Obama in the hot seat for a few years. I do believe he will change the way people view life & love!

    Here is hoping!

  7. My partner is a hairdresser (I'm sure I've mentioned that before) and this is all he heard last week. He said he had to bite his tongue all week to keep from exploding. As you can probably guess, Alabama is heavily conservative and there is still a lot of racism around here, no matter how much people will deny it.