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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go State!

O M G!

Our Michigan State Spartans beat the #1 seed in the nation to go to the final four!
What an awesome game! They completely dismantled Louisville! Now on to Detroit!
We just finished watching the game for the second time. It was that good!
And in other news........
I cleaned the Salon this morning and let Craig sleep in. He needed his beauty rest after staying up late on Friday to watch our Spartans beat Kansas. We had a low key day today. I cleaned house, played on the puter, and Craig did book work and laundry. It rained most of the day, and turned to snow this evening. YUK! We almost made it through the whole month without snow. But it's almost April, and spring is coming. The grass is starting to green up, and all the spring bulbs are coming up.
And for dinner, Craig fried a Ham Steak, with pan fried potatoes, and Honey Ginger Carrots.

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