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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

not spring yet.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but if there's not much going on, then not much to post about. But spring is coming ever so slowly. Though we haven't had all the snow some more southern places have got. But it's been cloudy, rainy, and windy. And I mean a cold wind, but I did bundle up yesterday and did some more clean up in the yard. I also trimmed back some shrubs. And this is our first blooming flowers, Two Dwarf Dutch iris.

They're all of about 4 inches tall, and growing in a rock garden full of grape Hyachinths, and Hens and Chicks. I had lot's of these in several colors, but there's only a few left. Some bulbs tend to wear out after a number of years. I should plant some more, but by time fall gets here, I forget.
And I'm still scooping debris out of the pond. Got a lot of leaves in it this year.
And we've been slowly stocking up on seasonings and condiments for the mo-ho. Like to have it stocked with it's own stuff so we don't need to pack as much stuff for each trip, with the first one coming the end of April. And that's not too far away!
Well, that's all I got for now, so I'm off to work!


  1. davidz7:23 AM

    Those are beautiful flowers! I want some...but, like you, by the time fall rolls around I'll forget...what were we talking about?

  2. Yaaaaaay! The first bloom of hte season!