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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ft Custer

Good morning, We've just returned from our latest weekend trip. This one took us to Ft Custer Recreation Area. Just west of Battle Creek.

This was a MTTC camping trip. There were about 18 people attending. A real nice turn out. It's a very nice large campground with spacious sites. Here's a pic of our site.

The weather was nice. A bit chilly in the morning, but warm during the day. We got together with most of the group for an evening campfire on Friday. This was our first outing with this group and we met many people. Some in tents, some in campers, and some in mo-ho's like us.

On Saturday, after our morning coffee walk, and talking with different group members, we headed over to Albion for the Festival of the Forks. A very large festival for a small town. Arts and crafts, food and music, and the weather was great! After spending some time here and getting hungry, and the lines for the food were ridiculous, we headed back toward the campground and stopped in Battle Creek for lunch. Found a nice little sports bar with good food. Back at the campground we went for a little bike ride and stopped and chatted with more campers. Then back home to fix our contribution to the Saturday pot luck. I decided on Teriaki Chicken Wings. They are wonderful! They must marinated for 24- 48 hrs before cooking. They're not messy-greasy, they dry out nicely in the oven, but stay moist and tender. I also made tomato cups, a recipe I got from fellow blogger Phillip, that were so good, there were none left. I'll put both recipes in a post tomorrow.
On Sunday, we visited with members as most packed up to leave. We then went over to the Firekeepers casino for a visit to Michigan's newest. They've only been open for a few months. We were not impressed. One of the ugliest building from the outside, and no rhyme or reason on the inside, It was a total confusing layout. They should give you a map when you arrive. We won't be gong back to this one which is probably a good thing since it's only an hours drive from Lansing, and as you know, we hardly ever do any good at these places. ;-)

So on Sunday night, we grilled pork steaks and Craig made a pasta salad, and added the leftover ingredients from the tomato cups. It was sooo good! Later, we packed up the campsite due to expected rain that night, and visited with the remaining group who was still there.

Monday morning, the rain quit, and we had an easy safe trip home on our new tires. I think it rides a little better on them. Our camping season is quickly coming to a close, but we still have 2 more outings in October.

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  1. davidz6:54 AM

    wow, I'm really surprised about the Firekeepers Casino...the way they blah-blahed it on tv when it opened I thought it would be really great!