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Monday, November 23, 2009


And a good morning.
I'm a little late posting this morning. I've been busy figuring out some new software on the puter. And as I said yesterday, I was a total slug all day. Spent nearly the entire day on the puter, nothing else. Played some new games I downloaded, caught up on blog reading, and surfed. Craig did his usual laundry and book work. He said we had a profit last month so I could get a new lap top. I said I wanted to try one more thing before I give up on it. I'm going to replace the little battery on the motherboard. That's sounding like it might fix my issues. We'll see.
And just on cue, our Thanksgiving Cactus is in bloom.

Now we don't get a lot of flower's because this is a northerly exposure, so not a lot of sunlight. But it still gives us some blooms in Nov. and the again in April. I also have a Christmas Cactus that will bloom around Christmas, and then again in the summer. It's funny, they look the same, but bloom different. And for dinner, Craig made us a delicious Spaghetti Pizza Casserole.
What you See here is what's left. He makes enough so we'll have leftovers. And I'll need it Wednesday as I'll be working till about 9pm. Ugh! I hate that! But with us closed Thanksgiving Day, I've got to put the people somewhere. And I'm happy we have the people to put!
Oh, and for any one who wants it the recipe is here.


  1. Man, I swear, you boys keep on having the best food in the world! And what's with the Thanksgiving cactus? Can't it was another 30 days so that it's the Christmas cactus??

  2. My Google dashboard showed a thumbnail of your cactus. It looked like a turkey with all of it's feathers in your sink. I must admit, I immediately came to your blog to investigate. LOL.