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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A lazy Sunday

Good morning.
So far November has been a very nice month temp wise. It has allowed me to get all of my out side projects done without freezing my fingers off.
Today, I've all ready cleaned the Salon. And after I take my shower, get lazy bones Craig up, have our coffee and read the paper, we'll go out and get our 3rd turkey. They're soo cheap this time of year, we like to stock up on them.
We also are having a new furnace put in on the 30th. The quote came in very good. $2750.00 for a 95% efficient 2 stage furnace, installed, with a programmable thermostat. We'll get a $819.00 tax credit, plus a $360.00 rebate from our gas company. That makes the new furnace only $1571.00. A pretty good deal I would say. And, it should bring down our heating costs some. So a win, win.
And as far as today goes, I think I'm just gonna take it easy. Maybe a little dusting, but not much else. I'm feelin lazy today.
So that's all for now!


  1. Definitely some nice incentives there!

  2. Oh boy, you're going to love that new furnace....especially in time for winter! And that's a very very good price!