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Friday, November 20, 2009

sometimes it's tough

Today was a busy day, and after work, I ended it going to Clare Bridge, an Alzhiemer care facility. I have a customer there. Her husband doesn't like the on staff stylist, so he has arranged for me to go there every 2 weeks and do her hair. It's quite the challenge most visits. Today, she just didn't want to lay back in the shampoo bowl so I could wash her hair. So I just curled her hair without washing it. I though I was doing pretty good talking to her, but I think I need a book to better understand this type of patient. They apparently have 'good' moments and 'bad' moments. She still seems to recognise me as someone she likes, so that helps me to get her to do what I need her to do. But before I got there, she had a 'tiff' with her husband, and she told her him to leave. So I didn't have him to help me. This was the first time she wouldn't let me wash her hair. But I'll keep trying.
In other news, we tried a new recipe for dinner. Spicy-sweet pork tenderloins. They were very good! We had them with pan fried potatoes, and marinated broiled Asparagus. Very tasty! The recipe's here.
And since I'm not a night owl, I'm now tired and need to go to bed. Goodnight...


  1. You are, clearly, a good man for helping someone in need. Caretaking is a thankless, weird, and exhausting profession.....and you've helped take off the edge for her, I'm sure.

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Wayne, Craig's Mom is in the same situation. She is 90 yrs old and has Alzheimer's but is doing very well in a facility. They had 24 hour care for her in her home but that just didn't work out well. His Mom really likes watching other people and the activities that the facility offers.

    She also has her hair dresser come by every week and I think that keeps her more in tune with her 'previous' life. Her meds were adjusted and things are really going well now, she doesn't get angry like before.

    You are a jewel for doing that.