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Friday, November 20, 2009

funny friday and a rant

Well, it's been busy at work this week. It should get steadily busier as we go through the holiday season. Glad I don't work at a store. They've been playing Christmas music for 2 weeks already. And for me, a little Christmas music goes a long way. And now another reason I hate shopping at Walmart. Actually I do occasionally shop there. They do sometimes have better prices on some things, but, this is an example of their advertising tactics. Their Wednesday flier in the paper showed frozen turkeys for $.40 per lb. The cheapest in the area. Meijer's was around $.45, and Kroger, $.49. We usually but 3-4 turkeys. 1, I love turkey. 2, They are by far the cheapest meat you can buy, especial right now. And 3, I love the smell of it cooking all day in the oven. And we eat one on Thanksgiving, one at Christmas, one in February, and one in March. So anyway, I sent Craig over to Walmart after work to pick up a couple. He comes back, no turkeys. He said they were all sold out. I said, 'all sold out'? The ad just came out today, and is good through Thanksgiving! And of course, the ad said select varieties, while supplies last. And that's the kicker. Get them in the store for a deal, but knowing you don't have many at that price, and hope they'll just pay more for another. I hate when stores do that! So, I'll get my turkeys at Meijer. I know they'll be in stock when ever I go there. Just another reason I hate walmart.
So now on to our ff............

And for this ff, with Thanksgiving coming up, how pumpkin pies are really made..........

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hate the "while supplies last" crap too. I've heard so many horror stories of the specially packaged stuff for Black Friday that the store gets only a few of. That should all be in a separate ad flyer entitled "Don't you wish there was a chance of getting one of these great deals?"

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I love the Funny Friday! That's great, haha.

    I despise the 'bait and switch' ads. And I don't shop on Black Friday anywhere, if I can help it.