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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Alive!

Ummm nope, it isn't.
If you remember, my laptop started acting weird. I would turn it on, the fan and lights would come on, then after 10-25 seconds, would turn itself off, and then right back on. It would cycle like this forever until I held the power button down to turn it off. So anyway, everything I read on the Internet led me to believe it was a problem with the graphic card/motherboard configuration, but I kept thinking, why would it all of a sudden start doing this? Then I ran across a post about the BIOS and the clock. Now my battery died a couple of years ago, and since I always plug it in, I thought no problem. It would beep at me when it started with a message about wrong time. I for a while would correct the time, but later just stopped doing that. Well, the post said something about screwing up the Bios if the clock isn't right, so I got into the bios, and the clock read 2006. I changed it to the present date, exited bios, and bingo! Windows loaded! I thought All right! I just need to get another battery! So I left it plugged in, and put it into sleep mode. This morning, when I opened the case, screen, nothing......Tried the bios thing again, nothing........I'm back to the beginning of starting over and over again. So now I'm thinking it's the cmos battery. I guess I'll try replacing that, and go from there.
But in other news, I was a cleaning freak yesterday. I don't know what got into me, but I cleaned and cleaned. Kitchen cabinets, counters, floors, bathroom, TV room, dusted, and vacuumed. It looks great! I even spot painted.
And it looks to be a very busy week at the Salon.
So I'm outta here!


  1. A CMOS battery is a cheap fix. I was told years ago that it was important to replace the battery when needed. After you replace the battery you may also want to search the internet for CMOS/BIOS software updates too.

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Buy a Mac!
    Ken from Tampa