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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

compaq tear down

The tear down of my laptop.
Okay, I've exhausted every other fix for this lap top, and the last one seems very odd. The forums suggest the video card has become separated from the gpu causing failure. So I did what they recommended, got some copper shims to seal the gap. This involved taking the lap top completely apart. I was a little nervous about this, but since the lap top is worthless the way it is, why not?
It is a lot more involved than the you tube videos show. But here I am tearing apart the lap top.

Boy, there is a lot of stuff in here!

Here's the graphics card that needs the copper shim, so they say....
Craig got cute and took this pic during a potty break.
And here's the puter all back together. But why do I have 5 little screws left?

And I let it set over night to 'rest' and turned it on this morning and YAAA! it started right up!
But of course, it was not fixed. When I went to restart it .....nothing again. So back to square 1. I'm not sure it's fixable. It sometimes starts, and most times not. I hate puters!
Well, after spending the entire day with this, I at least was able to look forward to a tasty dinner of pork cutlets over stuffing and veggies, with a barbacue glaze. Yummy!

So I'm thinking of geting a new lap top.


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Would you just give up and buy a Mac?

    :P John

  2. Funny, I took mine apart recently too. I had several screws left over.

  3. Well A++ for a valiant effort! But are you sure the left over screws, are from the puter? Or some part of your head?(grin)

    Ken from Tampa