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Monday, December 14, 2009

food and fun

Reason number 763 why I hate winter. Salt! No, not the kind you put on your fries, the kind you put on the sidewalk. And then it gets tracked into my Salon. Leaves nasty white stains all over the floor as you can see in these before and after pics.

So that means going in extra early and moping the floors before we open, every day it snows. And it's always a long winter.
Now there is a non tracking ice remover. We use it at home. But our cheap landlord at the strip mall I'm in certainly won't. Oh well.
On Saturday, after work, Craig made his tasty home made pizza. Yesterday, was kinda low key. I did some cleaning, touched up some painting, and mostly played on the puter. Craig did laundry, book work, and made a turkey rice casserole. Enough so we'll have leftovers during the work week. And we finished the evening with cocktails, and movies.
Ya, we have a real exciting life, don't we?


  1. That salt thing sucks. As far as your life being exciting. I think it's just right. It's can't be exciting all the time. Even me traveling the country for a year had down time.

  2. Would pepper or another spice be better on the floors?