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Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm feeling secure

Good morning.
Not a whole lot to say this morning.
Work has been slow this week, but next week is looking good. We did order our new security monitor system from Sam's It's called a Clover 4 Camera Digital Video Recorder System. We really only need 2 cameras, but the systems with those didn't come with a digital recorder, and we wanted to get away from tapes. We've decided where to put 3 of the cameras, and probably won't put up the 3rd.
And since it didn't come with a monitor, we're getting a Dell 18.5 inch monitor. The flat panel will be nice compared to the big boxy one we currently have.

Also, I finally finished cleaning the grid of the Salon, and cleaned up the stations and cabinets for the new stylists. 2 are starting next week, and one the week after. I also reprinted the Salon greeting, adding the names and extensions of the new stylists, and will record that in the phone system, once I get to work this morning.
I also need to get some stain blocker so I can touch up some ceiling panels in the bathroom and supply room where we've had a couple of water leaks.
Well, that's it for today.
Have a great weekend!


  1. So high tech, so fancy, so secure!

  2. Glad you're in a place to be adding stylists!
    Since you already have one, put it up over the back door (I'm assuming you already have one pointing at the cash register).
    Long time no see, I know ~ hope you are doing well.