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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

more snow

Good morning from a snowy Lansing. We ended up with about 6-8 inches of snow. Here's me clearing the driveway.

I'm getting really sick of this stuff. But it's nearly March so maybe just another month of the white stuff.
And that's about all the work I did yesterday. Spent most of the day playing A-Train 8 and working on puzzle #7. We had leftover turkey dinner, and I de-boned and froze the rest. Craig will make a batch of broth today from this carcass and the last one that he froze.
And that's about it from here. Such an exciting life in the frozen north.


  1. Hi! I'm Liz- I think I found you through Garret and Jim's blog.

    Anywho... I've been reading for a bit now so thought I should say hi!

    Your snow was our rain- it's been gray and rainy here for several days. Blah. But I'm glad we got a break from the snow.

    And isn't it sad that we have to think of March as still potentially snowy?

    I'm in Indiana (just outside Indianapolis).

  2. Snow, snow, go away
    Come again some other day.