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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Good morning.
Well, it was another beautiful spring day yesterday, but no yard work. Instead, we went to Muskegon to visit my Mom. She's still in the nursing home/rehab center, but has been walking on her healed foot for just over a week. So she was looking forward to getting out of there for a few hours. It was her first time out since she arrived there in mid February. And she's walking pretty good. She thinks they'll let her out near the end of the month. So we went to Red Lobster where she had Tillapia, I had Salmon New Orleans, and Craig had Lobster nachos. All were yummy as usual. Then we needed to go to her apartment building and fill out dozens of forms for her renewal of government rent support. Then to the club, (VFW) for a visit with her friends there she hasn't seen since early Feb. She really enjoyed getting out for a few hours, and when we took her back, she promptly got into bed. She was pretty tired out from all the activity. We visited for a while more, then headed back to Lansing.
Since we had a big lunch, for dinner we just had ham sandwiches with leftover ham from Easter Sunday.
And here's a few more spring pics from the yard....

I love daffodils! They are so cheery in the early spring. As I write this post it's raining. Has been all night, so since it'll be too wet to work in the yard, I think we'll back out the mo-ho, and start getting everything back in it for the up-coming season. I just love spring!


  1. Beautiful flowers as always.

  2. davidz5:10 AM

    Glad to hear your mom is doing so well!