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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

No such thing as routine surgery

That's right! there is no such thing as 'routine' surgery. Don't believe it! I lost another customer yesterday. Her sister, (whom I also do) called me at home to let me know. Her name was Marilyn. I'd done her hair for years. A really neat person. Had some type of heart surgery several years ago and almost didn't make it. Apparently needed another relatively 'routine' surgery for another heart issue. She told me she'd probably miss 2 of her weekly appointments. That was 2 months ago. Her body just couldn't take the stress of another surgery. She died yesterday without ever waking up. So if you ever need 'routine' surgery, make sure you really need it, and make sure you've got the best doctor to do it. And even then, pray like hell!
Okay, in other news....
We had a ton of rain Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Must have been around 4 inches. So needless to say, no working in a soggy yard. But the grass sure did green up! So instead, I spent the day putting stuff back in the mo-ho. Bedding, towels, bath supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, cleaners, etc. We keep the mo-ho stocked with it's own stuff so all we need to do when we go on a trip is throw in food and clothes. I even replaced all the batteries in the TV remotes, smoke detector, carbon dioxide detector, flashlights, safe, clock, etc. It felt good being in the mo-ho again and getting ready for our first trip.
And now it's back to work!


  1. We plan to do the same thing - keep the RV stocked as best as possible. I'm making a list of what we'd need to bring for each trip vs. what I need to buy that we only had one of.

  2. I will need to change the battery in our smoke alarm when we get to the farm.

    And yeah, there is no such thing as routine. That's why I won't be giving up my glasses. ;)
    I knew someone in the Air Force who went in for 'routine heel spur' surgery. Never came out of it. And one of the nearby hospitals is not known for it's recovery rates, either, though thank God Ken came out okay with his knee thingy a few years ago.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!