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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A spring like Sunday

Good morning.
A little late posting this morning, don't know why, I just am. The week ended very busy at work. And it was so nice out when I got home,(68 and sunny), I dug, divided and potted up another 24 plants for a total of 60 right now. A very good start. Then I helped guide Craig and the mo-ho out of it's winter parking spot and into the driveway. I hope to get it un-winterized today or tomorrow. For dinner, we had home made pizza and watched another episode of Spartacus. I've already cleaned the salon this morning, and waiting for lazy bones to get up. I'm letting him sleep extra today because he got up very early all week for work. :-)
Well, that's it for now......


  1. I've been in NY state all week. We've gone from 93 degrees to 34 with snow showers! Happy Spring.

  2. We'll be winterizing next week! Exciting!

  3. Hope you guys are having a great day! :)