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Sunday, December 19, 2010

free is good

Good morning.
Sorry for the late post, but I've been busy. :-)
I cleaned the salon this morning, and afterwards decided to set up the new cash register. There was no hurry getting home since I was letting Craig sleep in today since he'll be getting up early the next few days.
Anyway, as it always happens, I wasn't able to set it up because it didn't come with 3 AA batteries that I needed for part of the programing. Sooo I'm going back in shortly to finish that.
So back home, as it approached 9:30 and while Craig was still sleeping, I went online to redeem a $20 Best Buy Rewards Zone rebate they e-mailed me just for being a member! I like free money, so I got myself a new keyboard. My current one works fine, but it's gotten awful icky. I know I shouldn't snack and work on the puter at the same time, but anyway, I've got a new one coming now for free!
So Craig finally gets up around 10, we've read the paper, and had our coffee, and now it's off to the Salon and to pick up a couple of things a the store. The this afternoon, it's off to his niece's home for Craig's family Christmas.
So see ya!