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Monday, December 20, 2010


We've just returned from our visit to Muskegon to see my Mom. the drive was good. the roads were clear.
We arrived around 9:30, and were greeted in the buildings lobby by Mom and my sister-in-law, Ruth. My brother Brian had to work, so she came by herself. We went up to Mom's apartment and chatted for a while why I did some 'chores' for her. Then it was off to Applebee's for lunch. I had a tasty Bourbon steak with roasted red potatoes and sauteed onions and mushrooms. Craig had the quesadilla burger which he said was good. My mom and the sirloin steak, and Ruth had mini beef burgers with french onion soup. It all was very good. The restaurant was packed by the time we left.
Then it was off to the VFW. We were the only ones there when we arrive at 1pm. But it slowly filled by the time we left around 3:30. No luck with the pull tabs, but good conversation. Then it was off to the grocery store for some supplies for Mom. Then we took her home, got her settled, and back to Lansing we went.
It's been a busy 2 days!
And tomorrow, poor Craig can't sleep in because he has his bi-monthly doctors visit. He's thinking he's blood tests will be bad. We'll see.
And now it's Monday evening sitcoms.


  1. I hope Craig's blood tests turn out fine.
    Glad to hear all went well with Mom!