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Saturday, December 18, 2010

tonight, life is good

Good afternoon.
Well, I just finished a very busy week in the Salon.
And after that, I foolishly went to Staples. Our cash register died a couple of days ago and I found on-line that Staples had the best deal. And, a $50 rebate! So I decide to go get it after work today.
OMG! The traffic was horrible! Why did I think of going anywhere the weekend before Christmas?
But I managed by saying to myself, "be patient, there's no hurry, I've got all afternoon,"
So, I got the new register and even stopped at Kroger's to stock up on 2 liter Coke for $1 each. Then my low gas light came on and stopped at Meijer for that.
And I made it home safe.
This will be a busy weekend with family get togethers and travel.
But tonight is cocktails, home made pizza and movies. Yes life is good.

1 comment:

  1. Really glad to hear that yesterday went so well. :)