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Monday, June 20, 2011

it was a busy day.

Good morning.
Sorry for no post yesterday, but I had a very busy day.
As soon as I got up, I went into the Salon. I got the Salon cleaned, and then my mission was to paint the sign outside above the door. I didn't take a pic, but our sign has a metal grid that surrounds it. Kind of mimicking the ceiling grid inside the Salon. Anyway, it's a tedious job. Took just over 2 hours. I knew the paint was peeling, but didn't realize how much the paint had faded. Looks real good now.
Back home, I cleaned and filled the bird baths, and watered the pots. It was now nearly 10am and Craig was finally up. :-)
I fixed us coffee and we read the paper.
While Craig then did paperwork and laundry, I re caulked the mo-ho windshield. Then, after a light brunch of egg and Canadian bacon sandwich, we got to work on replacing the fence sections that were damaged from the accident I wrote about here.
That took the better part of the afternoon as it was a lot of work digging out the old half rotted posts. But it's all done and looks good.
I finally decided I'd done enough for one day, so it was time to relax on the deck, enjoying the perfect weather, partly sunny, and a high near 80.
For dinner, I grilled a pork roast, baked potatoes, and skewers of carrots, mushrooms, onions and sweet peppers.
And after I finish this post, I need to place an on-line order for the Salon, and clean the interior of the mo-ho so it's ready for our next trip. And I need to make sure I get Craig up early (8am) for a doctors appointment. Just a routine visit.
So that's it for now...


  1. Wow, you guys did the fence yourselves? Crazy boys.

  2. Yeah. Crazy boys. ;)