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Monday, May 21, 2012

busy busy

Good morning.
Yes, yesterday turned out to be very productive.
First off, I cleaned the salon, then came home and washed the mo-ho. Then I washed the Kia. Then I waxed the roof, hood and front of Kia. Then I took a shower, woke Craig up, made coffee, and read the Sunday paper. Then I had a piece of left over pizza for breakfast.
Then I waxed the rest of Kia. Then I polished the mo-ho wheels. Then I relaxed a bit on the deck with a cocktail and another piece of left over pizza.
Then I weeded. Filled five 5 gallon buckets.
Then I took a break and had another cocktail. Then I mixed up a gallon of weed and grass killer and sprayed the gravel parking area, gravel paths and paved paths. The I trimmed back creeping phlox that had grown too far into a path.  Then I trimmed a few bushes that were getting to big.
I called it a day.
I relaxed on the deck soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty of the yard.
Here's a pic of the poor Japanese Maple that got burnt by that last hard freeze a few weeks ago.
It's lost about 3/4 of it's leaves. I don't see any regrowth yet. Not sure if it will.
But most of the yard is doing just fine...

And now I'm off to do some waxing on the mo-ho.


  1. Your post makes me glad it's almost time for bed. ;o)

    Yard looks great for sure!