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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Physical therapy and back to work

Good morning.
As I said yesterday morning, I got Craig up early for a doctor's appointment. Good news. His sugar has come down some. Not where it needs to be, but the doctor is pleased with the direction. Also for the first time, somehow, his cholesterol is near normal. Way lower than it's ever been. So all in all, a good report.
Back home, we filled out our absentee ballots. It was nice not feeling we had to hurry so as to not keep other people waiting. And it was a long ballot with 6 propositions. Craig will mail them on his way to work.
And the leaves have started to come down. I blew off the drive and the area along the garage, and Craig mowed them all up. This will be repeated weekly through the end of November.
It turned out to be a fairly nice day, sunny and near 60. And other than the leaves, I didn't do any other yard work. On a little walking tour, I noticed the second bed I downsized has grass sproting! I was thinking I seeded it to late for that, but maybe not.  :-)
And I also decided to downsize another bed. This one is right along the back of the house. I'm going to take it down by about a third, but that will be in the spring. No digging or heavy lifting for me right now.  :-)
My back this morning, is about the same. The knot I had seems to be gone, and the aching is a little less, but my whole back is stiff and tight. The moist heat helped that.  I think some of that is due to all the strengthening exercises they have me doing. So that should ease up after a few more days.
And I have just finished my morning exercises and have another physical therapy session this morning before work, so I need to get going.  :-)

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  1. Good to hear his levels are going in the right direction :)

    I love the falling leaves...