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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

important stats

Good morning.
I don't know why, but as I was going to do a post, I decided to check out some of the tabs on Blogger Dashboard, and clicked on the stats tab. then there were sub-tabs showing all kinds of info about my blog.
Besides telling me were my readers are from, It even tells me what browser my readers are using, and what operating system they're using..
I don't know why I need to know all this info, but it must be important, right?  :-)
Any who, I found it mildly interesting.
And it gave me something to post about, since I didn't have much else to say.   :-)
Yesterday, besides going in to the Salon for that one customer, I didn't do much else. I cooked up a couple of pork cutlets and some squash and a noodle dish for a late night meal on Thursday, since we didn't make anything this past weekend with leftovers.
And that was about it.
Now, time for another very busy work week.


  1. who knew....I must check mine out now :)

  2. All this stuff they think we need to know and I could care less, haha.
    Hope you guys have a great week!