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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

a bitter cold weekend

Good morning.
It's currently 0 out but expecting a high all the way up to 15! :-\
Actually, we're in for a much needed mini heat wave, as by this weekend, we should reach into the mid 30's.   :-)
With us pretty much house bound due to the frigid wind chill temps, I continued my indoor cleaning, tackling the bathroom and vacuuming. I also did my yearly computer cleaning, which involves opening the tower, and blowing out the accumulated dust. Everyone should do this once a year. Dust build-up is the main cause for overheating and failure, and easy to prevent with a little maintenance. Just be sure to do it on a table and not on static carpet, and don't touch anything inside the case.
I also replaced the batteries in the touch pads of the two garage door openers. I could only do one at a time before warming up in between, as the air is so cold, my fingers were quickly freezing.
I've also booked 3 camping trips for the upcoming season. We stay mostly at state parks, and you can book them up to 6 months in advance. Which means, they are taking reservations up through early July already.
Craig continues his year-end paperwork, and has started his books for the new year also.
Craig's ribs are doing very well, as he can now sleep on his side. It's been 10 weeks now, and he's pretty much back to normal.   :-)
Now time to get to work, as I go in early to damp mop the floors, thanks to all the snow and salt on the ground.

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  1. We are finally starting to thaw out. We had a couple lines freeze, but they didn't break. Not sure about the washer yet; it leaked when I did laundry this morning. Need to get some extra light so we can check the lines. No light in the laundry room yet.

    We will be warming up the next few days. Hope you all will get some warm, too!