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Monday, January 06, 2014

snow, snow go away

Good morning from the great white frozen north.
The coldest, snowiest winter in a long time has gripped Lansing.
Good news is, it's hiding a lot of the broken branches from the ice storm.
Here's Craig busy with numerous year end paperwork. And no, I haven't put away all the Christmas decorations yet.
And here's some pics of me clearing the driveway.

We had so much snow over the last 2 days, I had to clear the driveway 3 times yesterday, and again this morning. It's the most snow I've seen in years! I believe we got about 13 inches yesterday alone.  :-\
I did manage to get in and clean the Salon this morning. The snow has let up enough for the plows to get the main streets clear. I tried to get in yesterday morning, but with the constant snowfall, the roads were to hazardous. So we stayed home yesterday. I did a major kitchen project, cleaning out and rearranging the cabinets and drawers.
I've also started to check online for this summer's RV trip destinations. We brought home our appointment books Saturday and yesterday, sat down and figured out what weekends we can take off.
We're hoping to do Brimley and Starved Rock this year. Those were 2 we had to cancel last year due to the mo-ho transmission problem. We'll probably also go back to Indiana Dunes and Maumee Bay, as they are two of our favorites. I think we have a total of 11 weekends available between early May and the end of October. Anyone have any ideas of where we could go for a weekend trip?
We won't be out much today or tomorrow, as today, we've already reached our high of 12 and it will drop to -4 tonight. Tomorrow's high is forecast for 4 with a low of 0. brrrrr.
And that's it for now.....


  1. We're supposed to hit record cold tonight, but the wind is supposed to stop.
    Last night we were 29 and winds all night. Our bathroom lines almost froze, our kitchen hot water line almost froze; but our cold water line froze and is still froze. Fortunately we used Pex and the line itself is still whole as near as we can tell. It only got to 32 today.
    You guys stay warm and be safe! ♥

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow blowing!