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Sunday, January 12, 2014

there go my weekly's

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon, as usual.   :-)
It was a steady week at the salon.
I've lost another long time customer, as the family has put her in assisted living.  
As I have now done hair for over 36 years, many of my customers  I've had for all those years have gotten older too. I've lost over half the 'weekly's' I use to do, as they are literally a dieing breed.
Women first started getting their hair done weekly as women went in mass into the workforce back in the 60's.  They felt that was one thing they could 'treat' themselves to if they were working. But as hairstyles changed, and blo-drys were becoming more popular, this early group, for the most part, resisted since they were use to having it done once a week, and blo-drys had to be done every day. So of course, this group is now in their 80's - 90-'s. If I last in this business long enough, I'll soon run out of weekly's. But that's okay, I prefer the more profitable colors and cuts.   :-)
The temps have moderated, as we reached into the 30's Friday and Saturday.
With rain expected Friday night and into Saturday, when I came home from work Friday, I spent 2 hours pulling snow off the roof. We have such low peaks, the valleys collect a lot of snow, And since we're on a slab and all of our heating ducts go through the attic, even though I have them well insulated, we get a small degree of heat loss that melts the snow and then we get ice dams. I was hoping by removing as much snow as I could, the warmer weather and rain would melt the ice. As of yesterday afternoon, it looks to be working well. We should also be above freezing today and tomorrow, so even better.
 Now time to enjoy my weekend.

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