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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

another good day

Good morning.
It was a beautiful productive day yesterday.  :-)
I sealed the cracks in the driveway, using just 2 gallons this year compared to 4 gallons last year. Surprisingly, the driveway came through the hard winter pretty good. I plan to seal the driveway next weekend. The forecast is calling for sun all weekend. Let's see if they can get it right for a change.
I also finished scraping and staining the decks.
While I worked outside, Craig vacuumed the house, and made a delicious pot roast.
It's currently raining outside this morning, and appears it'll be a wet day.
But the yard is greening up nicely, although the trees are just starting to leaf out. Very late this year.
We've begun collecting things for the 'hope to be' new house. Sunday, we bought a nice set of towels for the bathroom. We're going to buy things that we can also use in our current house if the deal falls through and we decide not to buy right now. I keep looking online, and so far, only one other home looked like something we'd like, and that one was gone in 4 days.
But I'm an optimist and believe we'll get this home, so I want to start getting things for it.
Our first RV trip this year is to Indiana Dunes. Near there, in Michigan City, is a large outlet mall. We plan on getting a number of things for the new home then such as dishes, sheets and such.
But now, time to enjoy my last day off before a very busy short work week thanks to the Memorial Day Holiday coming up, and a 4 day weekend!   :-)

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  1. Ah, so you'll be on a trip this holiday weekend? Have a safe, fun trip if so!
    Thinking good thoughts for that house, too.